Saturday, July 2, 2011

All About Circulon Cookware

If you're a professional chef or cook, or enjoy cooking as a hobby then you're sure to be aware of Circulon, and the amazing products and technology that have revolutionized cooking over the last 25 years. However, if you're new to cooking, or don't know much about pan technology, here's what you should know:-
1. Circulon was introduced in 1985, and was the original manufacturer of anodized non stick cookware.
2. This new type of cookware offered unprecedented performance, and meant that everyone could experience professional and restaurant quality pans at home.
3. The non stick coating on the pans meant that food wouldn't stick, which made cleaning them much easier. Also, even the most inexperienced cook could appreciate the professional performance offered by these pans.
4. Circulon were so proud of their products, that they offered a 10 year non stick guarantee on their pans and cookware. This was unheard of in the industry, and show just how good these products were.
5. Because the Circulon pans are more efficient and better than cheap pans, they heat up and cook quicker, which meals that meals take less time to prepare. They also use less energy to heat up, making them more energy efficient as well as time saving.
6. The range of Infinite Circulon cookware is dishwasher safe, and so do doesn't have to be washed by hand anymore. Again, this can be time saving, and means that cleaning up as well as cooking is easier and quicker.
7. Infinite Circulon cookware products are also suitable for using on all kinds of cooker tops, and so if you change your cooker, or move house, there's no need to change your pans, or worry about your stove top.
8. The Total Non Stick technology features a Hi Lo surface which has raised circles, the Hi area, so that utensils use a separate area of the pan, and don't damage the Lo area, which is the cooking area.
9. As well as a non stick interior, the exterior is non stick too. This means that the pan or other cookware won't stain scratch or chip.
10. Because of the non stick exterior, and technology involved, it's not surprising that Circulon products are long lasting and look good too. They represent excellent value for money, and you're sure to notice a difference between Circulon pans and other cookware brands.
Now you know more about the brand history and technology, and why it's so popular, perhaps now is the time to change to Circulon Pans and Circulon Cookware.